Mantra to Motivate

People use mantras as a way of self-talk to improve motivation through their workouts. The repetition of a carefully selected string of words translates into better and more succinct activity. As I alluded to in my last blog, today we are going to address how to create a brand positioning statement – in essence, your brand’s mantra.

Positioning statements are not to be confused with copy, or a tagline/slogan. A BPS is for internal use, just like a mantra is repeated back to yourself. This thoughtful sentence declares how you will communicate your brand’s unique value to your customers. Its purpose is to guide your company’s marketing, production and operational decisions. So how do you create one?


By taking the four components from Core Basics, you can craft your positioning statement. As a reminder, the four elements are Target Audience, Brand Attributes, Brand Benefits and Brand Personality. Your BPS should state who you want to reach, your industry category, what you offer that’s better than everyone else and the tone of your brand’s personality. There is no perfect formula, so I suggest taking your time and involving all employees – who knows your brand better than you!

For example, Home Depot’s BPS is “The hardware department store for do-it-yourselfers.” Concise, simple and to the point – they define their value clearly and the audience they want to reach/attract. Your positioning statement may not be this simple, but that’s okay. Your statement should be unique to your company’s offerings.

If you want to know more about brand positioning and how to create a statement, please leave a comment below. This is no easy task to handle and sometimes an outside opinion can shed some clarity. Tune into my next blog, where I will talk about how to exercise your organization’s strengths and tackle weaknesses.

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