Utilizing Accountability

In today’s social age, one of the biggest ways that fitness fanatics keep themselves accountable is by going public. They announce to the world that they are on a journey and that they have goals. Whether it’s an Instagram photo, a Facebook post or something in 140-characters, there is a psychology behind why this works. Now, you have an audience that will notice if you aren’t accountable – and we are humans hate to fail.

So, how can you go public with your brand’s intentions and declare what you stand for? By crafting a brand manifesto and discovering your voice. This is a way for your business to lead with “why” you do what you do, rather than “what” you are selling. By leading with an emotional standpoint, you can more easily form meaningful connections and long-last relationships.


Check out the image above and the date on it. There’s a reason why companies such as Apple are so successful. Even early on, Apple knew why they wanted to exist and how they wanted to change their customer’s lives for the better. They publicly declare their intentions. Nike’s Manifesto is another great example of leading with “why”, over “what”.

Brand manifestos are often only a couple of paragraphs long and they are not an umbrella solution for all advertising needs. The main goal is to elevate your brand positioning beyond a base desire to make a profit. They will also help you down the road to bridge the gap between a dry marketing strategy and a compelling ad campaign. Explore the range of human emotion and have fun with it – keep in mind your brand personality along the way.

Think back to why you started your business in the first place and go from there. Keep in mind your motivation, goals and aspirations for an optimistic future. Ask colleagues and employees, or anyone who knows your business as well as you do, for ideas. Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo, your manifesto should invoke a response in your readers. Leave me a comment below with a brand that you’ve interacted with that you feel has accomplished this through their marketing.

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