Discomfort Equals Success

We all know that feeling during a workout: the Burn. That feeling of discomfort that let’s us know that we are building stronger muscles, we are stretching out our fibers, we are preventing injury by going through the correct range of motion. But man, does the Burn burn! We do it again and we embrace the burn because we know that that discomfort will make us more successful. So, how do we embrace the Burn?

Routines make us feel at east and in control, but in actuality they are dulling your senses. Think about your commute to work. Do you even remember what happened after you got in the car most days? No. We go into “auto-pilot” and this is dangerous. You might find yourself tuning out much of your daily life. Deviating from your routine initiates that sense of discomfort – the Burn.

This guy is really embracing the Burn.

When you’re uncomfortable with something, it’s like a drum beating in your mind that you cannot quiet. Neuroscientists at Brown University recently confirmed that the key to “optimal inattention” lies in occupying your mind with something else through distraction. You won’t even be able to completely clear your head, but you can focus your attention to get clarity through your thoughts. By putting all your attention on one thing, you are in a sense ignoring all the other things.

Now, we need to identify what’s causing your discomfort. At first, it might not be easily recognizable. Sometimes, it might be painfully obvious. Scaling and growing a business is a source of discomfort for a lot of entrepreneurs and change can be hard to swallow. Being able to recognize the Burn’s source will allow you to legitimize it and act accordingly, ultimately leading to a greater reward. When your uncomfortable actions lead to success, the organization as a whole is rewarded.

After you’ve identified your discomfort, now you can reflect on other times you’ve felt that Burn. How did it play out? Remember those strategies that were successful and identify the specific actions that made them successful. This is your opportunity to celebrate previous wins and remind yourself that this discomfort can lead to growth. No millionaire entrepreneur hits it right out of the park the first time around. The bigger someone is, the more that they’ve failed – I guarantee it. Failure is an asset and can be used to counter discomfort, moved forward and take the plunge into something new.

How often have you had so many great ideas you want to explore, but you are struggling to take the plunge on any of them? It’s the Burn that paralyzes you. The doubts in your mind are swimming around and breeding negativity. But, remember that the discomfort of the Burn is a good thing and means you’re doing something right. All that’s left is to dive right in and fully immerse yourself. The biggest risk is not taking any risk, the only real guaranteed way to fail is by not taking any risks.

When you go out of your way to experience new things, or let them happen to you, your body does something very interesting. New neural pathways are created and these fuel your creativity and better your memory. The Burn is boosting your beyond your normal abilities. Embrace the Burn.

How have you embraced the Burn lately? Leave me a comment below!

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