Blogging as a Tool

Blogs! We all know one when we see one and the beauty of them is that anyone can blog. Fitness bloggers are prevalent across the web and are how a lot of people do their at-home training, or just keep up on tips to improve their workout and prevent injury. Every blogger has a voice that they are using to portray a genuine and differentiated view. Sometimes, this voice is “forced” and doesn’t feel at all genuine. This is when you lose readers, when that’s the exact opposite of what you’re trying to do.


If any individual with a computer can have a blog, why is it necessary for your business? Let me tell you. Blogs are a way of sharing regular, up-to-date content with your existing and target audience. You can show off what your company has been up to and promote new (or not-new) services. The world blog literally comes from the combo of the words “web” and “log”, or “weblog”. They first started as online diaries, but now they are a wealth of information at a user’s fingertips. Just as fitness bloggers need to have a voice, so does your brand blog need to be compelling to your target audience.

The top read blog in the world right now is the Huffington Post. Why? They cover an enormous range of topics, from world news and politics to tech and entertainment (and everything in between). This makes their blog attractive to a large readership with a wide range of ages, professions and locations. The information that they are providing is relevant to people all over the world! Now, this may not be the best strategy for your biz. The HuffPost has offices all across the globe and thus their content is international. So, what is the best blog strategy for your biz?

First of all, make sure your blog is integrated into your website. The last thing that you need is to send people searching for this info. Make it easy to find and easy to update with new content. That’s why people are reading your blog in the first place!

Just like any other marketing tool, your blog needs a plan and a campaign. What will the messaging be, what will the content look like and how will it reflect your voice? These are all very important questions to answer before you start pumping out paragraphs. And don’t forget to set a schedule of how many blogs you will be doing a week and stick to it. You need to be blogging at least once a week when you first start out.

Be sure to customize the life out of your blog – logo, visuals, colors, anything that you need to maintain consistency. It should blend seamlessly with the rest of your website design. Have ten, or so, posts queued up and post them immediately. Nobody is going to think a blog with one, or two, posts is a legitimate site (sorry!). And last, but not least, be sure to market your blog! It’s so easy to include a call-to-action (another blogging must-have) and direct readers to a specific webpage, or social media site. You can also use it to encourage people to subscribe via email and tailor your marketing even more!

Have you found blogging helpful in your marketing, or personal life? Leave me a comment below!

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