Time for a Refresh

A rut. We’ve all been there before. When you keep doing the same thing at the gym, but you stop seeing results, they call that a plateau. There’s so many ways to beat it, too. Mixing up your workout, trying flexible dieting or even just increasing resistance will do the trick.

The same thing happens with content. Whether its been months or years of creation, it’s so easy to feel like you’re repeating the same tired ideas over and over. Creativity and imagination is not a loyal dog, they do not come when called. Especially if there is too much efficiency and regime in your life that is squashing that creativity! Time to get innovative and refresh your content.

Before your start reworking old content, you want to make sure that it has been found and is relevant. There is no point in spending time on content that your audience isn’t interested in. There are tools like the Google Keyword Planner that can help you research high-level keywords and similar words or phrases in your industry.  Now that you’ve done that, take a look back at old stuff you’ve written and created. You can always revisit a blog post and give it a facelift by adding video, better images, or relevant quotes. Add a new headline and share it everywhere! You also might have an entirely different view of an old idea and you can share that with your audience. Tell them what made you change your view. Sharing experiences is a great way to create lasting connections with your customer!

Maybe an old-school typewriter will inspire your next big idea.

Looking for something fresh and new to blog about? Combining two or three radically different ideas has the potential to create such a new idea that maybe no one has written about it yet. Some examples… Would Elvis have been the best performer of all time at Coachella? What Nikola Tesla has to say about the latest iPhone! You get the gist. Write down some crazy ideas and let the creative juices flow.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with something on your own, bring in other people. Interview someone you admire in your field and ask them how they got started, what they’ve learned and how they’re different. You can give them a call, or sit down for a chat over coffee. And maybe don’t call it an interview, that can make people nervous.

Okay, now this is my favorite one and probably the best tip – think like your audience! Put yourselves in their shoes. I’m sure that your audience does not share all of the same priorities that you personally do. If they do, that’s great! Either way, it’s the perfect time to put aside your own thoughts and focus fully from your customer’s perspective. Another great way to find out what your audience is looking for is to ask them. Post on social, create a poll or send an email to your database to find out what they want most.

And finally, remember what makes you different and focus your content around that. If you’ve published something before that wasn’t received as well as you’d hoped, analyze it and try to figure out what needs to change. Maybe you forgot to touch on a core value, or to speak to your audience’s needs. Do what you can to provide more value in each and every interaction.

How do you keep your content fresh? Leave me a comment below!

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