Why Passion is Essential

What is it that drives you back to the gym (or wherever you like to tone up)? Most likely, you drive your car. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Where does your passion come from? Each and everyone of us has a driving force inside that stems from our souls. Everyone is different and has a different motivation, but we all have it – passion.


When it comes to marketing your brand, you need to have passion. If you aren’t living and breathing what you do, then why are you doing it? Passion is key to your success and makes your job a meaningful part of your life. All too often, we let something uncomfortable get in the way of our dreams because we are afraid to fail. You have to let your passion drive you forward and take the plunge into the unknown because you trust and believe in what you are doing.

Successful marketers channel their passion through their brand authentically online and offline. This creates trust and credibility that leads to your loyal fan base – where your customers are your biggest advocates without any incentive to do so. Think about your favorite brand, the one that you are most passionate about. How many times do you share this brand with your followers to show your love for no reason?

Companies that are smart understand their customers enough to know the passion that stirs their soul. They can market how their product fits into their customer’s lives and how it’s relevant to their happiness. Creating a marketing message that taps into this appeal is easy when you see things this way. Make the connection for your customer between their passions and your product.

Great marketers are passionate people and having instant social media access to the masses creates an opportunity to spread passion exponentially. Take Dan Kim, he’s the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Red Mango, a really yummy fro-yo brand. Check out his social and you’ll see – he’s crazy for fro-yo! Every post that he puts up reflects that. He’s committed to the excellence of his message, whether he’s sharing user-generated content of latest creations, or creating a new flavor.

Focus on the ideas, beliefs and causes that your customers are passionate about. Stop trying so hard to market and just have a conversation with your audience that sparks their ideas and emotions. They will want to listen to what you have to say. Find your passion in the process and feed it – it takes time, so once you discover what it is, take it and run!

How do you use your passion to successfully market? Leave me a comment below!

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