The Human Narrative

Your FitBit alerts you when you’ve hit your steps goal. My Fitness Pal sends you a buzz when you’ve hit your macros. There are countless ways that technology helps you organize your life. But, what about the feeling behind it all? When your buddy shares a narrative of the secret to his six-pack abs, aren’t you more likely to listen than when your FitBit is emailing you telling you to walk around more?

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of benefits to using data to drive your marketing success. Machine learning is giving marketers more insights into what people are doing and searching, but despite this there is nothing that makes an impact quite like personalization at a 1:1 level. It’s about creating a human-to-human (H2H) connection.


The biggest challenge for CMOs now is aligning new tech with marketing strategy to connect with your target audience. It’s important to consider how this technology is going to drive engagement at each and every step of the buyer’s journey and consumer experience. There’s no point in adding a new tool if you don’t define its purpose.

At the end of the day, people buy from people. The computer might be generating copywriting that appeals to another human, but the transaction doesn’t end there. Of all the people that fill out a contact form on your website, only about 1% will actually buy from your company. When you’re focused on the H2H side, you can engage with your customers and see if the right people match your ideal target profile. Tracking meaningful conversations is the old-school way to accomplish this. Get in front of your target buyer with a personalized voicemail message – yes, there are tech solutions that can do this for you (and they don’t sound like robots). You can amplify your sales efforts by one thousand, as opposed to wasting time with cold calls and email blasts that only 20% of people will open (and that’s if you’re VERY lucky).

Okay, now let’s consider channels. If you think that your buyer is only on one marketing channel anymore, you’re dead wrong. Back in the day, all we did was email. Now, there’s email, there’s social media ads, targeted advertising and even direct mail (a little old school, but surprisingly effective). And within these channels, there are communities that have organically formed. Like-minded individuals are attracted to one another because of their similar interests and form these powerful groups. Your community is going to be WAY larger than your customer base. That’s good news – the bigger the community, the more opportunity for gaining customers!

Remember all the hub-bub we talked about with storytelling? Oh yeah, that! It’s extremely rare to get people to care about your brand unless you tap into their emotions. Crafting your story makes people care about what you’re selling and will have a much stronger impact than any of your other marketing efforts.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to connect with your potential customers, prospects and opportunities. Become the trusted advisor to these people – the person that they will ONLY go to for expert information. Think about the content that you are putting out there for your audience to consumer and how you can make it better. Write what you want to read.

How do you create an H2H connection within your organization? Leave me a comment below!

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