A Winning Team

If your team is winning, life is good. Whether you’re an Eagles fan or an Olympian, everybody likes to win. When you’re on a fitness journey, whether you know it or not, you build a team of support around yourself. You might be Fitstagramming it up on social media, you might be in a social workout environment like Crossfit, you might even just have your mom texting you everyday that “you can do it!” Whoever your team is, they need to be a good one.


Marketing teams that can earn the attention and trust of your target audience are winning market share with their excellent work. Without a great team, you’re rushing to adapt and realizing the strategic, creative and technical gaps in your marketing are a huge limiting factor to growth. Make your competitors watch and wonder in amazement by building a high performance team. How, you ask? Let me tell you…

First of all, you have to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. The ideal team starts with a solid foundation and plenty of grit. Your team’s culture should be one of integrity, character, creativity, love and loyalty. If your team members love where they work and love the customers that they are serving, then everything else should follow suite. Instill a company-wide mindset and fill in those cracks in the foundation to position your team for sustainable success. Don’t forget to work hard – grit is a combination of ambition, perseverance, resilience, flow and commitment and is not to be taken lightly. Find your voice, chart your path and launch a mission fraught with passion.

Each individual team member makes a huge difference to your marketing efforts. Just like snowflakes, no two people are alike and are going to have radically different strengths and weaknesses. Assess each team member’s marketing strength, level of expertise and passion for the company. Now’s the time for honesty and humility so be objective and rate the priority of their expertise and their contribution to the bottom line objectives. Sometimes moving to the next level will not include bringing along everyone who is with you today and other times you only need to lay out clear expectations. All that it takes to achieve greatness is for greatness to be expected.

Now that you’ve rated team members, rate your marketing as a whole! You have to know your strengths and where you need to improve. Good marketing teams become great through a process of continuous improvement.

Are you documenting goals? Are you writing them down and shouting them from the rooftops for all to hear? Keep. Yourself. Accountable. A clear destination brings focus to the team and a clear objective inspires people to achievement. And don’t forget to clearly communicate what happens if you fail to reach these goals.

Building the ideal marketing team is a process that involves two phases. We’ve talked all about how to evaluate and improve your existing team. Tune in for my next blog, in which we will examine how to grow your awesome team by filling in gaps. Leave me a comment below with any feedback – I love hearing people’s ideas!

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