Grow Your Team

You’ve got an awesome team in place and you feel like you’re on the path to victory. But, maybe it just isn’t enough. You’re already outgrowing your abilities to succeed and your team doesn’t seem big enough anymore. Now what?


Building the ideal marketing team starts with evaluating and improving your existing team. Next, it’s important to grow that team by filling the gaps and evolving as the marketing world evolves. Finding where your marketing team is lacking allows you to seek out individuals who can fill in those cracks and make your team even stronger.

Are you documenting SMART goals on your marketing path? You better be. This is vitally important because then you can reverse engineer those goals and set progress milestones to keep you pushing forward. Unleash your team and let them tackle each milestone, one at a time. Sometimes those milestones can even be blockers and impede your ability to hit your goal. It might be revamping your website, or reexamining your brand positioning. Maybe you need to improve conversion, or create more compelling blog content. Which blocker is most important? Prioritize them. Your current team can tackle them and they will be radically more productive when they are focused on removing an obstacle.

A gap in your marketing team is when there is a skill set or level of expertise that is missing to clear a blocker on your path. Without growing your team, you won’t be able to progress on your path by resolving the obstacle. Suddenly, it’s clear why you’re stuck. You need someone who can fill the gap whether it’s strategic, creative or technical – and fast.

So let’s say that you have 5 gaps, but you are 100% sure that you don’t have the budget to hire 5 more people. That’s okay! Of course, if you had unlimited resources you could create the ideal team and cost would be no object. However, over here on Earth, that is not reality. You’ll need to create a plan on how to fill said gaps while also minimizing waste, maximizing budget and positioning your team. You can hire people who wear multiple hats and are maximizing their abilities. Make sure you are hiring the right talent for the right position – not every team member needs to be full-time. Utilize part time, spare time, independent contractors and agencies for flexible and scalable solutions. Marketing departments typically leave 20-35% of their personnel budget unallocated for contractors and agencies. You might need a full time designer for two months, then you can scale back after that to a per-project basis. And be sure not to hire contractors and agencies for what they can do – hire them for what they can do BEST.

And after all of this work, just keep in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day. There’s no such thing as perfection when people are involved. Course corrections are necessary as you build your ideal, winning team. Not everyone who starts with your will make it to the finish and while there will inevitably be tough decisions, realizing that priorities and needs change will make those choices easier.

Is team building a passion of yours? Leave me a comment below!

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