Inspiring Change

Have you ever heard such an inspiring speech, that you had to get off your keister RIGHT NOW and make a change? You see it all the time in the fitness world – it might be someone’s transformation photo, or perhaps it’s their testimonial. You can see the emotion in their eyes and you can hear the sincerity in their voice. What exactly was it about that life-changing speech?

Now, let’s think to your average day at the office. Are your employees pumped up for the day? Are YOU pumped up for the day? Or, is it a listless energy with everyone going about their daily routine, trudging through the corporate maze?


Hmm… if you’re finding yourself more familiar with the latter, then we have a problem. Motivating your employees (and yourself) is no easy feat. So you’ve built the perfect team, but how do you light a fire underneath them? More often than not, lack of motivation within a team is due to poor leadership (or lack thereof). And this can simply boil down to a lack of communication.

So, what’s the catch? Well, to inspire change in your team you need to spend just as much time working on yourself. But, wait! How do you do that?

Be an expert communicator. Having an open-door policy with your team is incredibly beneficial. Open up the two-way dialogue and keep communication lines free so that your employees can fully trust you. Did you know that on average there is $26,041 per worker each year lost due to communication barriers? Yikes! That’s basically lighting money on fire. Aim for healthy, professional dialogue with employees where they feel comfortable expressing their opinions. Ask for feedback back, don’t just dole it out. Have candid conversations and BE YOURSELF.

You’re now listening to your employees and receiving feedback, so what do you do with it? You implement it! Listen and take heed of their interests. Get to know your team’s personalities and assign projects based on their individuals strengths. They will feel empowered and useful. Also, learn about what motivates them – some may love rewards and praise, while others may be more focused on personal development. Motivated employees are more likely to drive change within an organization and companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%.

Now, you’ve got to walk the talk. Let your employees see you putting in the work too. Don’t just bark orders and go hide in your office. You definitely need to delegate at times, don’t get me wrong, but you need to earn respect and that’s best done by rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty. Share your vision and be an inspiring role model, working alongside your team towards a common goal.

A funny thing happens when you put power into your team’s hands… they get even more engaged! At first, it might be a small difference – but this is where the magic begins. Give your team members autonomy and accountability. They already trust you because of your open-door policy and fabulous communication skills, so you know that they can come to you if they have doubts or need mentorship. Trust me – they are a lot more capable than you think.

Change never happens overnight – I’m pretty sure I’ve said on this very blog about four times that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Taking time to build a culture of trust, communication and empowerment creates a solid foundation that melds your team together and makes you all stronger. Remember that speech you admired and how it made you feel – go out into the world with that “I can do anything” attitude and inspire your team to change.

How do you inspire your team, or even better – how do they inspire you!? Leave me a comment below.

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