Thoughts and Conversations

When you’re getting results from your workout, life is good. But sometimes, we stop getting results and reach a plateau. Or maybe we’re even doing the wrong workout for our body and causing more harm than good. You have to approach things differently if you want to start improving again.


Content marketers can fall into a plateau themselves. Sometimes, we focus too much on what the best strategy is to guide consumers to the next step in the buying journey. Not all strategies fit for every step in the funnel and not all content is created equal. There are different goals and roles behind lead generation, lead conversion and brand awareness. This is where thought leadership comes into play, at every stage of your brand’s growth.

Thought leadership is not costly or difficult. All it takes is a shift in approach and to remember what makes your company shine uniquely in the first place. Content that provokes reflection, discussion or some move to action is a reflection of thought leadership. We’re living in 2018 and it’s no longer about long-form think pieces or overly wordy blog posts. We’re more into any number of forms from videos and short-form writing to an awesome and consistent social media presence.

Don’t be afraid to engage. The real power of thought leadership comes from contributing to a conversation around an industry topic, or even creating one. Make your content catchy with topical relevance, tone and contextual delivery. Nobody really cares about the medium or format. No medium is better than another and they all have the same potential value. You just have to be strategic in using them.

As you’re crafting your new message with your thought leadership content, a little fundamental thinking goes a long way. What point are you trying to make? What message are you trying to deliver? What story do you want to tell? Your tangible product is just a small piece of the puzzle. You always need to show off your brand’s unique traits and create a spectacular (and honest) picture of your company’s impact in your community and industry. Stories that are worth telling travel far and wide.

Consider taking a point of view. Maybe you’re the visible founder, or the individual thought leader in your field. Developing a brand story might come more naturally to the former than to the latter. Either way, taking a point of view elevates quick-hit content marketing to the level of real thought leadership. When you share insider or expert-level knowledge, you aren’t just adding to the marketing noise. You’re making a valuable contribution that is positioned to make a difference in the lives of people in your community.


Your thought-driven content will stand out even more if you are someone that people want and like to learn from. Customers are people and they have their own thoughts, experiences and opinions. But everyone loves to learn. You can communicate with your customers and position your brand to lead, reach and learn as an expert in your industry.

What do you think of this powerful storytelling? Leave me a comment below!

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