A Different Kind of Voice

How cool are voice searches? Most devices now have them – you can ask Siri or Alexa to show you the best ab burning workout, or how to perform a pistol squat without falling over. Undoubtedly, AI technology is already playing a huge role in our everyday lives and soon it will be even more involved with marketing.

Siri, what’s behind the yellow door?

The smart speaker market has grown 210% from last year from 2.9 million units to now a whopping 9 million. Projections are saying that the industry will reach $2 billion by 2020, which is just around the corner. All of these gadgets have voice-activated marketing so it’s time to think about voice marketing. How can your brand leverage this opportunity to build stronger and more engaging customer experiences? Think about voice-based “conversations”. Voice marketing can be activated and with the skillful mix of offering responses and offering suggestions at the right time, result in a contextual, relevant and increasingly intelligent customer experience. Don’t forget to deliver in your authentic brand voice.

The heart of marketing has always been relationships. A voice marketing campaign could bring your brand back to the good old days of conversations between buyers and sellers. However, there are three important steps to consider before deciding if your team is ready to expand their capabilities.

First of all, you’ll need to nail down specific requirements. Determine where a voice search is going to enhance customer experience. It doesn’t have to be all cerebral – you can have fun with it and create an interactive game, or experience. You can also finagle it to where the customer is offered an added value for using voice search as opposed to regular search. Be articulate and don’t be afraid to be realistic – only offer something that will make your customer’s life easier and not harder.

Second, do a quick team assessment and evaluate who is going to have the skills you’ll need for voice marketing and who already has experience. You will need these people in your arsenal. Ask them for examples and tell them about both existing and future needs. If you don’t have team members who can project manage, then go ahead and reach out to a third party who can be your execution partner. This is such a specialized field that you need someone with a depth of knowledge. Otherwise, you run the risk of looking absolutely ridiculous to your customers, your competitors and hurting your brand.

Don’t. Silo. Voice. Marketing. Incorporate it into your existing workflow! If you’ve successfully completed the first two steps, then you are completely ready to strategize on how you can use these voice resources in your existing brand building and marketing campaigns. You’ll find it can really be a no-brainer for the right product.

As marketers, we have to continually change and adapt to new technology and tools. It’s never too early to start planning and researching! Do you use voice search in your marketing campaign? Leave me a comment below!

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