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Which ad are you more likely to pay attention to: the ad for the chain Pilates studio that is over 100 miles from where you live, or the one for the studio just around the corner from your house? Why would anyone care about an ad for something that they have no use for or any interest in? Well, they don’t.

Now here’s a location where I’d love

Now more than ever, people are accessing information that they need while they are doing a million other things. Taking the kids to soccer practice, meeting that client downtown or trying to figure out what to buy your dad for Father’s Day (no, but really – what do they want!). Tech is everywhere and there’s SO much info online, it’s awesome. Online shopping is more and more common and it’s making it tough for the brick-and-mortar stores to keep up. If you’re not selling online, that’s okay! There’s still ways that you can reach those customers on the go.

Location, location, location. You can tailor your product and services offerings with location-based marketing that will reach your specific audience. Boom! E-commerce problem solved. The tech is so great that you can easily personalize how you are reaching your customers based on their personal info and their interests. The use of GPS technology in mobile marketing is called geo-fencing and it signals your mobile app when consumers are near your store. Another boom! You can pitch them the offer of the day, or any new discounts going on.

Along with geo-fencing, there is also geo-targeting and beacon technology. Geo-targeting is when you set a specific geographic area in which your marketing will appear. This is actually very useful when you have a niche market, an affluent market or you have a limited marketing budget. Beacon technology is the most targeted and the most accurate. It allows you to target one specific customer with a personalized shopping experience. For example, if you know that someone has been searching for jeans a lot lately, you can send them the deal on your sale on jeans.

This kind of marketing allows you to learn more about your customers, which as we know is all that we really want to do. When you learn more about what your audience desires, you can more easily satisfy that and anticipate future needs. Not only do you provide more value to your customer, but you increase your profitability and hopefully your revenue (we like that!).

Be sure to include location-based marketing in your mobile strategy because that’s honestly where you will see the most use. And if not done properly, this strategy can backfire and lose you a lot of money. Be aware of privacy and how you approach this strategy to not only protect your business, but also to not lose any customers. Assure your audience that their personal info is secure and will never be misused or shared. And finally, DON’T share their information! This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s way too easy to glean someone’s info without their consent – make sure you get it.

Do you use location-based marketing in your biz now? Leave me a comment below!

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