Part 1: Lessons in Luxury

Luxury marketing is a whole different ball game. You may be trying to reach the top 5% of the population’s earners (or even less), but it’s even harder to reach those people than it is the other 95% of the population. Luxury brands also offer an entirely different product to people who are even more picky than the average consumer.

In this first part of a four part series, I give my top three recommendations for achieving luxury marketing success. The first is to really know your audience. Understanding them is going to be harder than you average audience, especially if you yourself are not affluent. Knowing what makes your audience tick and what their expectations are is really going to be to your advantage.

Second, it’s key to be innovative. These folks are used to quality and even more so, they demand it. If your product isn’t necessarily innovative, then your marketing must be. And that brings me to my last point: content. Content needs to be incredibly high-quality and really make a connection with your audience. All three of these tips come full circle. Leave me a comment below with your feedback!

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