The Unicorn

Imagine that you do 200 reps on the shoulder press machine and only 6 of them count. Only 6 help your muscles grow and make any difference. This would never happen, right?


You’re right, at the gym this would never happen, but it happens all the time in marketing. You could post more than 300 blogs and only 8 of them could perform. Today, it’s safe to say that a very large percentage of marketing efforts don’t go anywhere. Why is that?

Instead of spending our time working on things that will give us virtually no return, let’s focus on the unicorn. The unicorn is that content that attracts an incredible amount of attention and engagement. But, unicorns are notoriously hard to find.

You can start your hunt for unicorns from popular Facebook pages. Look at those that are top performing relevant to your biz. What kind of content do you see that gets the most likes, shares and comments? How many views does that super popular video get?

Too often, marketers don’t realize that the user-generated content found on Reddit is an incredibly rich source for their strategies. You can gauge the unicorn potential of a piece of related contented by looking at the votes. Infographics are a perfect example of this. You can easily see top posts that are the best recent content. Same with top performing posts on Pinterest. Other ways you can tap into user-generated content: reviews and feedback on products, comments and messages on social platforms, emails with comments and suggestions, etc.

One place you never thought to look for content gold: Quora! Quora is fraught with common questions and deep inquiries that you may have never thought of in your industry. You’ll be able to get new ideas for blogs, content and your own FAQ for your website. You might even learn something!

Now, we have some of the more obvious ways to find top-notch content. Check out other videos on YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo for inspo. You can check out the most popular for your topic, or you can type random searches as you put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Well-done videos will be teeming with information that you can adapt for your own use.

Subscribe to the leading blogs in your industry. You’ll know if its good by its significant percentage of content that’s informative and unique. You’ll also notice a lot of engagement, like comments and shares. You can always follow and subscribe to hashtags and popular accounts on Insta and Twitter. You can easily see what the most popular ones are and discern how people like to view the subject matter based on the different platforms. Instagram has very strong visual language and Twitter is going to be a more text-heavy channel.

Have you found your marketing unicorns? I would love to hear your story. Leave me a comment below!

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