About Me

Hi, I’m Jackie! Thanks for checking out my site. Here you will find useful tidbits on marketing and branding. I’m one of those people who are passionate about health and wellness, so I hope you don’t mind that it’s sprinkled throughout my blogs.

I’m from a pretty small town and a third-generation immigrant family with a long list of small businesses. My career has been focused on marketing for the past 6 years and from it has sparked a passion for helping small businesses in my community grow. There are so many things that you can do for little cost that will lead to huge things for your biz. Everything you find on my blog, I have dabbled in myself and am forever learning what works and what doesn’t. I encourage you to explore many different information sources and find what works best for you – because you know your business best!

I have a Bachelor’s in Nutritional Science, an MBA, a career in marketing and a passion for growing small businesses. Let’s get connected!

(Photo above: The Three Sisters of the Blue Mountains National Forest in New South Wales, Australia. Traveling is another passion!)