Location Location Location

Which ad are you more likely to pay attention to: the ad for the chain Pilates studio that is over 100 miles from where you live, or the one for the studio just around the corner from your house? Why would anyone care about an ad for something that they have no use for or … Continue reading Location Location Location

A Different Kind of Voice

How cool are voice searches? Most devices now have them - you can ask Siri or Alexa to show you the best ab burning workout, or how to perform a pistol squat without falling over. Undoubtedly, AI technology is already playing a huge role in our everyday lives and soon it will be even more … Continue reading A Different Kind of Voice

Going Global

You know what's great about working out? You can do it anywhere! Literally, anywhere. There are even gyms that have locations all across the nation and offer their members access to all of them. In an increasingly connected world, brands are getting smart and expanding their sales footprints to other markets. Let's consider e-commerce to … Continue reading Going Global